Haines Alaska Heli Skiing with JVC Adixxion

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Years ago I went to Haines, AK and I’ve been dreaming of going back ever since. My first trip was hampered by sketchy avalanche conditions, so I never really got to step onto anything big. This time around things worked out in my favor. I had a narrow window to work with, only one week. This is never ideal since the storms can last for several days, and after the snow pack usually needs time to settle out. With a close eye on the weather forecast and daily updates with the Stellar Media guys, I pulled the trigger and hoped a plane to Juneau. Once arriving I was able to get right at it before another storm rolled in. Luckily the storm only lasted a couple days and we were able to get a couple more days in to finish out the filming.

A huge thanks to JVC, Stellar Media, Salomon, Seaba Heli, Smith Helmets & Optic, Backcountry.com, Alta Ski Area, Widsix.com, and Discrete headwear for their on-going support!

Cliffs and Powder – 2013 Mid Season Edit

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I can’t say that this winter has been ‘all time’, but it has had it moments! Obviously this year I’ve been filming with the JVC Adixxion action cam. I’ve found it very easy and fun to use. The footage looks great and I rarely experience technical difficulties. This edit was filmed in and around Alta/Snowbird, UT. I’m skiing on next years Salomon Quest 115, which is my favorite ski ever at this point. Thanks to Sam Peters who did a great job on the editing!

Skiing with the JVC Adixxion Action Camera

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Definitely enjoying fresh snow and new toys!

Skiing Powder on new Salomon Rocker2 115

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With interlodge in effect up at Alta and an “estimated”  canyon opening at 10:30, the time was right to hit Snowbasin. Talk about good timing! The storm produced as much snow at Snowbasin as it did at Alta, and they were looking to open some terrain for the first time all year. It felt like the perfect amount of snow. Of the 24″ that fell, the first 12″ was pretty dense, and the second 12″ was a lot lighter… its always nice having a right side up storm!

As it was the first legit storm of the year it was also my first time in deep powder on next years Salomon Rocker2 115s. I ski these with the, also new, Salomon Guardian AT binding, and the combination is superb! I will discuss the skis and bindings more later on, but believe me… this is IT.

Generation Alta Salomon Freeski TV

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I didn’t grow up in UT, I moved here about 11 years ago. What kept me here? A little place called Alta. Alta has the feel of a small town ski area. There are no mega lodges or valet parking. There are lots of old folks and kids and stretch pants and ski sweaters and tons of good vibes. Of course there’s is also tons of snow and the lifts run until 4:30. If you are a beginner, you can ski free after 3 on the sunnyside chair. Yep, Alta is home to some of the nicest people in the world.

Cool down Ya’ll

We haven’t broken 100 degrees in SLC yet but we’re getting close. The record Wasatch  snow pack has finally been beaten by the sun and heat… For those not skiing this summer, winter is starting to feel a long ways away. If you haven’t watched any of next years trailers yet, here’s where you want to start:
[vimeo id=”26021718″]

[youtube id=”rp2ZYWaOaX4″]

[youtube id=”7a9mzmFEAz4″]

Great work going on in the ski film production these days. In every element of the process, these guys are simply amazing.

Spring Skiing… yes, still.

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These were some of the most fun runs of the season. Snowbird is an amazing mountain and the spring there can’t be beat. Ron Mason and I hiked to the top of the American Fork Twins and skied Germicide and then hiked Baldy and skied pearla’s into Alta. Germicide was the steepest skiing I did all year!

germicide snowbird

This Means Summer is Here!

February was cold this winter

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Extra cold temps makes for extra blower pow… Snowbird gets a ton of pow but we don’t get cold smoke like this very often. Definitely a day to bundle up!

Sun & Fresh

[youtube id=”7rLmiDCDDLA”]

Kinda just rolled up on this one… well not exactly… With most ridges being guarded by big overhanging cornices, it’s a little tough to get a look at things.  But after looking back on this beauty, I promptly hiked back up the ridge and dropped from a fairly safe spot… minus the extremely low hanging avy line I had to duck ;).

Ron Mason took a nice picture of the line and then dropped a nice chute around the corner, further down the ridge.